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In engineering, as in other disciplines, the same end results can be achieved in many ways. In structural engineering, the system selected to be used in a structure must be consistent with the architectural concept of the project, reflecting the feeling and mood the architect is seeking to create. At the same time, the system utilized must be both efficient and economical.

Consistent with this philosophy, we have designed structural systems utilizing varied building materials ranging from conventional reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and thin shell structures to masonry, wood and structural steel. We make use of the best available computer analysis software applicable to the project. Our technical personnel are committed to continued professional development and stay abreast of the technological advances in analysis and design techniques through our company-financed program which enables them to take graduate engineering courses and attend specialized technical seminars. Our staff also actively participates in committee work with the national technical organizations responsible for formulating the building codes and technical advancements for our profession.

Our project assignments have encompassed all types of building structures including: schools and universities; hospitals; hotels; apartments; industrial, warehouse, commercial and office buildings; parking structures, restaurants, churches, and many others. The needs of these clients vary greatly and require a sensitivity and understanding of the specific programs for the various types of users. Cagley and Associates is able to incorporate the user’s needs and the designer’s solutions into the elements required for the project structure to provide an economical and functional facility.

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